We specialise in all forms of digital media, and our benchmark quality level is at an international standard. Each team member requires over 10 years experience in the professional field before joining.

Video Production

Video shoots, steadycam operators, photography sessions, post-production specialists, colour grading, SFX, VFX, motion graphics title sequences, advertisements + more

Web Design

Web branding, WordPress site development, HTML & CSS, web domain and email registrations, social media management + campagin launches, mailing list organisation, web advertisements, Google analytics

Image Design

Illustration, photographic composites, matte painting, pixel art, branding design, re-brands,


Virtual Reality, 3D animation and modelling, web branding and packages, WordPress CMS setups, interaction design, socials development + more

Personal Tutoring

Personal tutoring available for all fields above

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping installations and content creation in your physical space (temporary, semi-permanent or permanent),

Virtual reality

Virtual reality development for Oculus Rift + HTC Vive, installation + setup, 3D content creation, architectural visualisation & fly/walkthrough


Voiceover recordings are available for audibles and e-book narrations, radio transcripts, video, character voices for animations.

Music + Sound Design

Our sound engineers and producers have over 10 years experience and can create unique musical scores of all genres that are hand crafted for your needs. Our sound design specialists can edited, record and sync using off-site foley recording.


Talk is cheap. That's why our work speaks for itself. High quality, detail oriented, creative and inspiring. We implement professional design standards, protocols and practices. Communication design about speaking clearly through the language of vision.



Our team is tight, inspired and motivated. We are workhorses. We don't follow the 9am-5pm model other agencies implement. We work late into the night to get the job done. We move mountains, and create the dreams you have. Then we succeed them and go the extra mile. We are a pack of hungry designers, creative artists, directors, producers, sound engineers and are a different breed of individuals. Imagination Pioneers Studios handpicks our team members internationally and only borderline geniuses are contacted.

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Our clients mean everything to us. Each company is individual, and each client has nuances that we need to hit in our deliverables. Nothing is ever routine, and our clients are thankful we treat them as such. We maintain established relationships with all our clients and have serviced many of them for more than 5 years.


Our clients often recommend us when discussing successful business approaches with others. We have rarely needed advertising, as recommendations have provided enough work during our stabilisation phase.

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"Liam was a wonderful person to work with.  His work was of the highest calibre, and he went beyond what was required to ensure we had great digital assets, products, videos, animations and prints."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Michael Dent, Aloe Aloe CEO

"Liam produced beautiful work for the University, and his expertise in the field was second to none. He went beyond the requirements to ensure we had incredible projection mapping projects."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Lauren Chate, Billy Blue College of Design

"Liam was an excellent addition to producing our website. We increased the number of clients quickly, and he was able to customise and stabilise a number of features regarding the website build.  His assistance in launching online campaigns was invaluable."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Kelly Mitchell, Whole Women Movement


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Send us an email with your number, and we will call you back within 24 hours to discuss how we could be of service to help you realise your vision.  Alternatively - send an email with your information, and we will reply back within 24 hours to discuss how we could be of service.

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